About Us

At Aroma Property Management we believe in the power of efficiency and strong business relationships. We are a small company based in the borough of Croydon, one of the most popular regions for real estate investment in the UK, thus allowing us to build connections.

Statistics show many modern-day landlords have full time jobs or businesses to see to in addition to managing their portfolio. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to landlords that need support in the maintenance and management of their property.

Aroma Property Management offers a range of services such as guaranteed rent, maintenance and dealing with tenants. Our remote status enables us to increase our flexibility to provide competitive rates for your rental property.

Let us take care of your property so that you can enjoy more freedom, whether that means spending time with your family, travelling around the world or simply being able to take deep breaths. Whatever it is, Aroma Property Management intends for you to fulfil it.

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