Inventory Reports/Check Ins

Whether you’re a Landlord, a Managing Agent or a Tenant we know the importance of protecting your investment or financial interests. We offer a competitive rate for the following services:

  • Inventory Report/Check In
  • Mid Term Inventory
  • Check Out

We are extremely thorough in each of our services and always have our clients in mind, whilst providing a fair service for all parties involved.  Please find our price list below:


One Bedroom – From £100*

Two Bedroom – From £120*

Three Bedroom– From £130*

Four Bedroom – From £140*

Five Bedroom + – From £160*

*Please note there is an additional £20 fee for furnished properties. Properties that fall within the congestion zone will be charged an additional £15.

We are also able to check in your tenant at no additional cost.

Feel free to get in contact with us today to hear more about our services and what we can offer you



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